If you are a web designer and do not use a VPN, it is time to change that.

VPNs are essential for anyone doing something online, let alone for anyone who relies on the internet for their work, and especially for those who use public networks to do so. People on norskeanmeldelser.no claim that a VPN has been very helpful.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a service that creates an encrypted connection from your device to a VPN server through your Internet connection. Think of it as a tunnel through a mountain, where your internet service provider (ISP) is the mountain, the tunnel is the VPN connection, and the exit is to the worldwide web.

Ivacy VPN

Some people may confuse VPNs as alternatives to an Internet connection, but this is incorrect. Initially, VPNs were created to connect business networks for more secure and convenient communications. Today, VPN service providers are working to get all your traffic to the Internet – bypassing government or ISP monitoring and even forced censorship in some cases.

In short, think of a VPN as a service designed to help you gain full Internet access and protect yourself while doing so, for example, Ivacy VPN

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